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Your access to running water is heavily reliant on the proper functioning of your well pump. To ensure it has a long life, you need to keep it well maintained. However, this can be challenging since the pump is located at the bottom of your well. Without professional assistance, you may not know what problems your well pump may be developing until it stops working entirely or operates inefficiently.

No need to fear! Our Salem well pump professionals can go in and check all aspects of your pump to ensure all connections are tight and no parts are falling apart from wear. We can access and examine the well pump properly using our specialized equipment, offering speedy solutions to your pump problems.

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Salem Water Well Pump Services

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Do You Need a New Well Pump System in Salem?

The average life of a pumping system is 12-15 years. Don’t wait until your pump goes out and your family has no water- call us today!

How Well Pumps Work

The well pump is responsible for pushing water from the well to a storage tank, where the water stays until you need it. Once you turn on a faucet or appliance, the water will flow from the tank, giving you water faster than if the water came directly from the well. Once the air pressure in the tank reaches a certain level, the pump will be activated, and it will turn on again, pulling water from the well until the tank comes to 40 to 60 psi once again.

The well pump is an essential component of your plumbing system, and if something were to go wrong, you would see a decrease in the system’s efficiency. When this happens, you should get in touch with experts for residential well pump installations or repairs.

Signs You Need a New Well Pump

Well pumps have been reported to last anywhere from 15 to 30 years if properly maintained. However, repairs can only carry you so far. If you find yourself calling for well pump repair services frequently, it may be time to consider a replacement.

These signs indicate it’s time to schedule a residential well pump installation appointment:

  • Your water pressure is low.
  • You do not have any water coming out of the faucet or when you flush the toilet.
  • Water spits out of the faucets because of air bubbles.
  • The well pump runs constantly and never shuts off.

Any of the above signs sound familiar? Our well pump experts will use diagnostic equipment to detect the cause of the issue. Once we’ve determined installing a new well pump is your best option, we’ll suggest a replacement pump that can handle your household’s volume of water consumption.

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Solutions for Well Water Sediment Removal

After installing a well pump, you may notice an excessive amount of sediment in your water. To clear up this problem, you can do a few things. You can have a sediment backwash filter installed. You can also successfully tackle sediment removal by installing a water softener (which will also protect your skin from drying out and extend the life of your clothes and appliances).

Let us handle the filth. Our well experts make cleaning sediment from your water simple with our professional and fast water treatment system installation services.

Trust Quality Water Systems with Your Salem Well Pump Installations & Repairs

We have over 90 years of combined experience to handle all Salem well pump installations, repairs, and replacements. We do it right the first time and only use the best products on the market. If there’s a problem with your well pump or it’s due for a cleaning, Quality Water Systems is the team to rely on. We will send a specialist to your home to look at your well pump and get started on repairs.

For more information about our services, including our well pump installations and water well inspections, get in touch with us today!