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    If you’re about to sell or buy a home or simply wondering about your water quality, you may want to complete a well inspection. A professional inspection can ensure the system is functioning correctly and determine if the water is up to standard. Our team can test your water for harmful substances and offer water treatment solutions to ensure you can access clean, safe water.

    We provide residential water well inspections throughout Eastern Ohio, including:

    • Columbiana County
    • Mahoning County
    • Jefferson County
    • Carroll County
    • Portage County
    • Trumbull County
    • Summit County
    • Stark County
    • Harrison County

    What to Expect During a Well Inspection

    Well systems are complex because of all their individual components that work together to pull water from below the ground and disperse it through the taps in your home. An intricate system like this deserves regular inspections from certified professionals to ensure each part is working as it should.

    Our water well inspections include water testing and examination of the following components of your system:

    • Pump
    • Water supply lines
    • Storage tanks
    • Water filtration systems

    Why Should I Get My Well Water Inspected?

    Whether you’re about to buy a home with a water well or you simply want to ensure your well system is in top-notch condition, it’s essential to have your well water inspected at least once a year. You can catch equipment failures early and protect your household from dangerous contaminants.

    During a water well inspection, our well service professionals will collect water samples and then have them tested for common contaminants, such as bacteria and nitrates, found in well water. If the results report the presence of harmful particles, we will get you situated with a water treatment solution, such as an iron filter or a reverse osmosis system.

    What Are the Dangers of Water Contaminants?

    water well pump

    As a well owner, you need to be aware of the potential contaminants present in your water and the possible side effects these contaminants can cause. Ensure you schedule routine water testing to detect the following common contaminants before they cause health concerns:

    • Microorganisms: Bacteria, viruses, and parasites from human and animal waste can enter your well water and cause gastrointestinal illnesses and infections.
    • Heavy metals: Plumbing and service lines can cause heavy metals to enter the well system. High levels of heavy metals can cause liver, kidney, and intestinal damage or cancer.
    • Nitrate and nitrite: These compounds are especially harmful to infants. If a baby consumes water with high nitrate levels, they may experience “blue baby syndrome” and can become seriously ill and even die.
    • Fluoride: While fluoride can help prevent tooth decay, too much of it can result in skeletal fluorosis, dental fluorosis, tooth discoloration, or pitting of teeth.

    Our Service Area

    We proudly offer professional water well inspections throughout Eastern Ohio, including Columbiana County, Mahoning County, Jefferson County, Carroll County, Portage County, Trumbull County, Summit County, Stark County, and Harrison County. We also serve Darlington, PA, and Chester, West Virginia.

    Contact Us for Residential Water Well Inspections

    Keep your family safe from invisible toxins within your water by scheduling water well inspections. Our inspectors will ensure you have access to the best quality water by testing for contaminants, repairing well pumps, installing water treatment systems, supplying water softener salt, and being available to answer all of your questions. Contact us today!