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Community Involvement

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At Quality Water Systems, we live by our values. That means we make sure our employees have a great experience, so they can love their work and pass that on to you.

When it comes to our customers, we stick to our DASH values at all times:

  • Deliver: We give you the service you need when you need it, and we make sure you are satisfied before we go
  • All For One and One For All: We believe that your happiness and well-being is connected to our own, and vice versa. When we are working for one person, we are working to make the world a better place for everyone.
  • Safety First: We never, ever compromise on safety, for you or for our own employees.
  • Highest Level of Integrity: We don’t cut corners and we don’t compromise. We will give you the very best service every time, because we don’t believe in doing anything less.

Call 1-800-332-9462 for fast & reliable water treatment service in Salem, Ohio today. We’re available 24/7 for emergency services!

Our Community Involvement

Owner of Quality Water Systems

We love our community and want everyone here to have the chance at the best possible life. That’s part of why we offer our Membership, featuring:

A low cost of $199 for the year for a standard membership

  • Draining pressure tank
  • Check air in tank
  • Chlorinating the well
  • Flushing water heater
  • Testing water
  • Priority service
  • 5% discount on parts

We also offer our Widow’s Program, which includes all of the above features for free for those who qualify. Call our team today to find out more or to apply for the program.

Past Community Events

Helping East Palestine

We love our community and we have partnered with The Brightside Project to help East Palestine. We are helping people clean their water by donating carbon water filtration systems and aerators. Both work to remove any dangerous substances from drinking and other water, so the people of East Palestine can feel confident in their drinking water again.

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