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What Are the Benefits of Installing a Home Water Softener System?

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Scrubbing away mineral buildup on your faucets, dealing with unpleasant-tasting water, and running the washer multiple times just to get your clothes clean are all facts of life for Americans dealing with hard water. In fact, it’s estimated that up to 85% of Americans have hard water running through their pipes. That’s a lot — but there are ways you can mitigate the problem using an ingenious invention called a water softening system. We’ve seen water softening work for just about any household — from clients relying on well water in Ohio to those hooked up to their city’s municipal systems. Keep reading to find out all the benefits you can experience with a water softening system!

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Preserve Your Pipes

The calcium and magnesium lurking in hard water are tough on your pipes since these minerals can build up inside pipe walls and around joints. Mineral and scale buildup gets worse over the years, especially if the pipes come into contact with hard water frequently. This means that just a few years of hard water exposure can significantly shorten the lifespan of just about any plumbing or septic system in your home. With a water softening system, the entire water piping process will be monitored and the minerals filtered out, meaning your pipes stay stronger for a longer period of time.

Protect Your Appliances

Minerals in hard water aren’t just bad for your pipes. They also wreak havoc on your water-using appliances. The water lines connecting dishwashers to garbage disposals and washers to hot water heaters (among many other water line possibilities) can be easily clogged by mineral buildup. This means your appliances are pushed harder but end up doing less efficient work. We doubt you want to replace your home’s pipes and appliances anytime soon, especially prematurely. Having professionals install a water softening system is the smart choice for anyone who wants to protect their investment in their home appliances.

Clean More Effectively

Even when scalding hot, hard water leaves spots on dishes, fails to wash away soap scum on shower doors, and is just plain difficult to clean with. One of the underrated benefits of a water softening system is that you’ll spend less time and less water cleaning. With softened water, your dishes will come out of the dishwasher sparkling clean, and your laundry will no longer emerge from the washing machine dingy and disgusting. Because your water will be fresher and cleaner, you’ll also be able to cut back on the extra detergent and other cleaning products you might be using to compensate for your hard water problem. 

Stay Healthier

Did you know that hard water can cause dry skin and hair? The minerals in hard water can be abrasive to the top layer of your skin and scalp, resulting in year-round dryness that doesn’t seem to go away. If you’re dealing with stubborn dry skin or hair, investing in a water softening system may very well eliminate this problem at the source. 

There is another health benefit to softer water besides softer skin and hair: healthier drinking water. While some water filters, such as those in filter pitchers, work effectively enough to purify your hard water for drinking, dealing with having to filter all of your tap water can be a headache — or even an obstacle to staying hydrated. You can use a water softening system to ensure fresh, clean hydration for your family without the need to rely on a single filter pitcher to quench the whole household’s thirst!

Save Money

If you’ve read this far, this benefit of water softening systems should be obvious: a water softening system will save you money! You’ll be able to cut down your water and energy bills, reduce your use of household cleaning products, stop buying bottled water, and countless other small actions that make a huge difference when combined. 

We’re passionate about all aspects of water quality here at Quality Water Systems, which means that we want to do anything we can to bring your household’s water back to its clean and fresh glory! We also can install, maintain, or replace well systems or bring back new life to wells and pumps that have been exposed to hard water for years on end. Get in touch with our team today or book service and notice the difference in the quality of your water!

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