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What Are the Advantages of Drilling a Private Water Well

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Do you know where your water is coming from? If you’re like one of the millions of families across the United States who has a private well, you do. But if you rely on the municipal water system, you may not know exactly where your water is coming from, what’s in it, or if you will even receive a stream of water when you turn on the faucet.

When you choose a private well over city water, you can have more control over the water quality and not have to worry about municipal system maintenance or failures disrupting your water supply. Let’s look at why homeowners are looking at private water well drilling.

Access to Healthier Water

People often believe that the public water supply is better for them because the city treats the water. However, this tap water contains contaminants that are bad for your health and is missing nutrients and minerals your body needs. The city water contains chemicals, such as chlorine, that can be toxic to drink and additives, such as fluoride, that are not good for your body to ingest in large amounts. By drilling a well on your property, you can have less toxic, more natural drinking water.

Less Environmental Impact

Because municipal water treatment plants are responsible for supplying water to hundreds of households, they have to use heavy-duty machinery, which takes up a lot of energy. You can reduce the number of harmful pollutants entering the atmosphere by installing your own private well, which uses considerably less energy. This environmentally-friendly solution can preserve the world we all love so much.

Lower Costs

It’s natural to balk at the initial costs of drilling a private water well. However, it’s an investment that will save you money in the long run. With your own well, you will not have to pay water bills like you would with the municipal supply. All you will have to pay for is yearly water testing and well maintenance — and these costs pale in comparison to monthly bills!

Improved Taste

The further water has to travel to reach your home, the more contaminants it will pick up, affecting the flavor of the drinking water. City water has to travel through miles of piping, which is why tap water often doesn’t taste very good.

People who have a private well enjoy tasty water because it’s been naturally filtered by rocks and sand and hasn’t been chemically treated or affected by long travel times. This softer, more refreshing water quenches thirst better and improves homemade foods.

Safe, Delicious Water from Your Own Private Well

The benefits of drilling a private water well show exactly why millions of homeowners have installed wells and why more and more people are following in their footsteps. You can join the ranks, too. Our team of experts can drill a well on your residential property and then handle your repairs and well pump maintenance. If you would like to schedule an estimate, get in touch with us today!