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No Water From Your Well? What To Do

Tips from the Experts

If you notice your water is losing its pressure or has stopped altogether, it may not be your fixtures or a water supply problem. Instead, it could be a well water low pressure issue. Call the well experts at Quality Water Systems right away for any issue with your well or water quality. We’ll perform a well inspection in Ohio to figure out what’s going on and restore your water as quickly as possible. We also have some pro troubleshooting tips to help restore the flow of your water as quickly as possible.

Well Pump

Double Check the Power Supply

Take a look at your circuit breaker box and make sure everything is in order. You can also look over the wiring for your pump to see if there are any visible signs of damage. If your switch keeps tripping, you may have a larger electrical issue that needs the attention of a professional. It’s never a good idea to handle electrical components and switches yourself, or you could compromise your home and family’s safety.

Look Over Your Water Fixtures

Water that isn’t flowing at all may have a simple reason. Before you do anything else, double check that the fixtures in your home are actually working and still running. If only one faucet has no water or low pressure, it’s probably not your well pump. The problem is more likely a faucet or a localized plumbing issue. Perhaps your system is clogged up because you need a water softener system in Ohio!

Check Your Water Softeners

Water softeners are durable, but they will not last forever. At some point, water softeners need to be replaced or they will impact the water pressure you get from your well. The results could lead to a Salem Ohio no water situation. Try bypassing the water softeners and watching to see if you notice a pressure problem. If there’s an issue, you’ll need the help of a professional to replace your water softeners and get back on track.

Assess Your Filtration System

Bypass any water filtration systems to see if water will flow freely. If this resolves the issue, your filtration system likely has a blockage or requires repair. Keep in mind that it may not be safe to drink the water and that you may need immediate help from the experts. Call the experts at Quality Water Systems to come out and take a look. We can make recommendations about any necessary repairs, upgrades, or systems better suited for your home.

Check the Well Pressure Gauge and Switch

Your well pressure tank in Ohio will tell you exactly how much pressure your home is getting from your well. If it reads zero, the problem is with the well water system or pump. You can also look at the switch, but don’t touch it. It’s amplified with power and the goal is to see that it’s still in the correct position and free of debris or damage.

Call Quality Water Systems to Restore Your Well Water in Ohio

Getting the water restored from your well to your home doesn’t have to be a crisis. We can help. Call the team at Quality Water Systems for OH water treatment. We can discuss reverse osmosis, the whole house water filter in Salem, water softener systems, and more. Schedule your appointment today!

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