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How Often Should You Schedule Well Cleaning?

Tips from the Experts

Are you struggling with your water quality and considering professional well water services? Routine maintenance is key to keeping your water safe and your well in good working order. The experts at Quality Water Systems are always here to help with our well inspection checklist Ohio to get your system back on track. 

How often you clean your well depends on a variety of factors. The frequency of well cleaning depends on your well type, water quality, contamination, and local regulations. Learn more about what water well maintenance entails and how often you should schedule well cleaning.

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It’s Been Three Years Since You Scheduled Routine Cleaning

As a general rule of thumb, it’s recommended that you clean out your well every three to five years as part of your regular maintenance routine. It can directly impact your water’s sediment buildup, mineral contamination, and bioflilms that impact water quality and flow. 

It’s Been a Year Since Your Annual Well Inspection

Routine well cleaning is different from a well inspection. You also need a regular well inspection at least once a year. Give the team at Quality Water Systems a call and we’ll take a look at what’s going on with your well. If you have too much sediment, contamination, or low-pressure well water, we can help resolve the issue or schedule a comprehensive cleaning to get your water back on track.

There Was a Contamination Event

Wells can become contaminated by specific events. For example, a flood, chemical spill, or nearby septic system failure can cause contamination in your well and require immediate assistance. Your water well pump in Ohio can also cause contamination and put your water quality at risk. 

It’s also possible you accidentally caused a potential contamination event. When you mix chemicals, don’t put your garden hose inside your mixing container. It could siphon chemicals into your home’s water system and contaminate your drinking water.

You’ve Noticed Changes in Water Quality

Have you noticed something off with your water quality? If there’s a sudden change in taste, odor, color, or sediment, we recommend scheduling well service. Beyond the quality and safety of your water, you also deserve water that tastes pleasant and is free of foul odors and flavors.

You Suspect Bacterial Contamination

Your well water Ohio needs periodic tests for bacterial contamination, as well as problems such as coliform, nitrates, and radon. If any of your ongoing tests come back positive, it’s crucial to disinfect and clean the well immediately.

Your Well Is Nearing the End of Its Lifepsna

Wells have a lifespan and eventually need to be decommissioned. They typically last about twenty years, but you can make them last longer with routine well cleaning and inspections.

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Do you need well inspections or are you looking for water well service in Ohio? We can help. The team at Quality Water Systems offers all the services you need for well remediation and water restoration. Our water quality experts can also install whole house water filtration systems, reverse osmosis treatments, and more to restore the quality of your water and give you the peace of mind you deserve. Schedule your appointment today!

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