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Why You Should Consider Upgrading to a DROP Smart Water Treatment System

Whether you’re concerned about the quality, health, or taste of your Ohio drinking water, upgrading to a DROP smart water treatment system can help. We recommend the DROP Smart Water Softener to improve your water quality and exceed your expectations for convenience and peace of mind. Here’s a look at the benefits of a smart … [Read More]

How Often Should I Add Salt to My Water Softener?

For your water softener to function correctly, it’s essential to keep up with some routine steps for maintenance. Most notably, keeping your brine tank filled to the proper salt level is important. Homeowners often wonder: how often should I add salt to my water softener? There are many factors to consider when adding salt to … [Read More]

Do You Need a Reverse Osmosis System?

Have you ever heard of reverse osmosis drinking water systems? These amazing water treatment units use a unique filtration method that can outperform even high-quality standard water filters. Because RO (reverse osmosis) water is pushed through a microscopic semi-permeable membrane, it comes out even fresher and cleaner than water that’s treated by activated carbon filters or … [Read More]

Well Cleaning: What You Should Know

If you’re used to your drinking water supply coming from a well, you likely already know that you need to schedule a water well inspection to check for coliform bacteria, nitrates, and other water quality indicators (WQIs) at least once per year. But is there a way to actually clean the well itself? The answer is yes … [Read More]

Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Home With a Well

The majority of Americans get their water supply from public water systems. The rest of us use water from a well. Wells are most commonly found on properties in rural areas. They are also popular among eco-friendly homeowners and those living in off-grid homes. If you’re not used to private well water systems, the prospect … [Read More]

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Home Water Softener System?

Scrubbing away mineral buildup on your faucets, dealing with unpleasant-tasting water, and running the washer multiple times just to get your clothes clean are all facts of life for Americans dealing with hard water. In fact, it’s estimated that up to 85% of Americans have hard water running through their pipes. That’s a lot — … [Read More]

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